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a few minutes, for hours, or for Zantac 150mg several days. The pain generally subsides suddenly, leaving the individual quite free Zantac Coupon from discomfort. This typical history of an attack of renal colic is clinically the exception rather than the rule. Any one of the characteristic symptoms may be absent. The pain Zantac 300 Mg may be referred in such a man- ner as to lead to suspicion of disease of a differ- ent character. The Zantac 75 Mg symptoms may point to acute gastrointestinal disturbance. The pain may closely resemble an attack of biliary colic. If the pain is localized in the epigastrium, is a general abdominal pain, or is felt chiefly on the right side of the abdomen, low down, it may be mistaken for disease of the appendix. There are numerous instances in which kidney stone has been mistaken for scoliosis and for tu- berculous disease of the bodies of the vertebrae. It is also to be remembered that a Online Zantac number of conditions, other than stone, affecting the kidney may give rise to precisely the same train of symp- toms. The invasion of the kidney structure with tu- berculosis, with its accompanying 300 Mg Zantac congestion and tension of the kidney capsule, may Zantac Online produce iden- tical symptoms and be accompanied by charac- teristic haematuria. A new growth into which a haemorrhage takes place may exactly Buy Zantac Online simulate a renal colic. It is asserted by several authorities on the sub- ject, although denied by others, that the pain may be located upon the opposite side of the body. My own observation supports the affirma- tive view. Haemorrhagic pyelitis may give rise to symp- toms precisely the same. Kinks in the ureter, in cases of movable kid- ney, may give rise to similar attacks. Order Zantac In general, any condition which produces a sudden increase in the intracapsular tension of the kidney or which obstructs the ureter may accurately simulate an attack of renal colic, an intraabdominal tumor, or an aneurysm, by pres- sure for example. There remain to be considered the very con- siderable group of cases in wh'ch the stone re- mains, so Zantac 150 Mg to speak, quiescent, giving rise to no symptoms at all, or at most to a Purchase Zantac slight amount of discomfort Zantac Buy from Zantac Mg time to time, or to symptoms hardly to be differentiated from those of ordinary functional gastrointestinal disturbance. In another class of cases the typical symptoms of renal colic are entirely wanting, and the patient may suffer from Where To Buy Zantac constant or intermittent pain, sometimes referred to the region of the kidney often to the bladder, and not infrequently to dis- tant parts of the body, as. for instance, the sole of the foot. A large number of these cases are treated for bladder disturbance, none of the symptoms being referred to the kidney. Calculous Anuria. — .\ [latient who suffers from kidney stone may suddenly be seized with sup- pression of urine. If the other kidney is absent, destroved. or seriously diseased, or if both ureters are obstructed at the same time, the condition will usually end Zantac 150 in death in a few days, unless re- lieved by operative removal of the stone obstruct- ing the ureter, or unless, as Order Zantac Online sometimes happens, the obstruction is partly or entirely overcome by natural means. If the other kidney is sound it usually con- tinues its function. Sometimes a reflex anuria, usually of a temporary character, may occur in this sound kidney also. In fact, it is probable that such reflex anuria in a sound kidney rarely if ever endures to a fatal issue. The symptoms of the onset of Buy Zantac urinary Purchase Zantac Online suppres- sion from calculus differ to some extent from the ordinary symptoms of uraemia. At the beginning there is usually pain, referred to the kidney region or to the lumbar region Cheap Zantac and down the course of the ureter. The pain may last throughout the attack or more often will subside after hours or days. Many of the symptoms may be referred to the bladder as in an ordinary attack of renal colic. When the obstruction is absolute, no urine mav be passed after the beginning of the attack. If incomplete or intermittent, oliguria may alter-

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